Today, I was honored to present a check to Santa and her family for $300. Santa and her husband have two children, one is less than two years old and she is expecting another baby in a few months.  Even though she is a new Christian and was surprised to be pregnant again, she did not heed the advice of friends and seek an abortion. 

Santa and her family never ask for help, but recently she mentioned that her husband's hours had been cut and then the apartment management has increased their rent.  In order to pay bills, they were thinking of selling their car, but then her husband would not be able to keep his job in Sugarland (not on a bus line).

The Holy Spirit prompted me to go and visit today and to give her a check. She was surprised and would have refused it if it came from me, but was willing to accept it from Loaves & Fishes.

As we visited she told me that her family is hosting church in their home tonight and went yesterday to get some snacks at Fiesta.  On the way, they saw a Hispanic woman with two little girls holding a sign and asking for help.  Santa and another Christian lady stopped to help. They talked to the Hispanic mom about Jesus and she accepted Christ. The other lady invited her and her children to come to the church and said the church would help them.  Santa said she gave the lady some chips and drinks and the kids devoured them right away.  They were hungry.  Even though Santa's family is in need right now, she was still willing to use what she had to help someone else, just like the story of the widow and Elijah or the little boy with a lunch. 

I was so proud of Santa and thankful that the church of Jesus stepped up to  help "one of the least of these."  If the "church body" did not give money to Loaves & Fishes, I would have  missed a huge blessing today.  




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